Intellectual Property for Digital Receipts

TransAccess® eReceipts Connect

Give Customers Online Access to All Their Receipts

Customers dispute more than 12 million transactions a year at top retailers. Forty six percent of these disputes result from customers’ “amnesia” about the details of their purchases. Helping customers save and access all their receipts can save considerable hassles for customers and retailers alike.

TransAccess eReceipts Connect enables you to eliminate the stress of returns and disputes—and improve customer satisfaction—by giving customers access to all their receipts from your stores, as well as other retailers’ receipts, in one place, online. The result of a partnership between afterBOT and Intuit Inc., TransAccess eReceipts Connect creates a central repository for customer receipt information from multiple retailers. Customers can search for and view receipts—as well as targeted promotions--online in a secure, PCI-compliant environment through their eReceipts account. Customers can also import their receipts into their money management software tools. Retailers have the option of providing this service to customers as an extension of their existing loyalty programs.


Using TransAccess eReceipts, customers can:

  • Retrieve and print a valid receipt for return or proof of purchase

  • See line item detail of their transactions with links to relevant sites

  • Search for individual items across receipts and retailers

  • View targeted promotional offers

  • Import transaction details into their money management tools

TransAccess eReceipts Connect Implementation Options

TransAccess eReceipts is available in two different configuration options. Both of these options are PCI compliant.

TransAccess Direct Connect TransAccess Store and Forward
  • afterBOT does the work for you

  • Better experience for your customers

  • Faster delivery

  • High level of security

  • Guaranteed by afterBOT

  • afterBOT supports and maintains the system

  • Best experience for your customers

  • Highest level of customer satisfaction

  • Better profit margins through the use of supplier integration

  • Best visibility to your supply chain for you and your suppliers

  • Advanced reporting

  • High level of security

  • afterBOT does the work for you

  • Faster delivery without tying up your resources

  • Guaranteed by afterBOT

  • afterBOT supports and maintains the system

TransAccess Direct Connect

afterBOT performs the DRXML conversion and provides the web services that transfer the encrypted data to the Intuit data repository. This option ensures that the implementation strictly adheres to industry standards, making for cleaner delivery of data to the eReceipts repository.

TransAccess Store and Forward

afterBOT translates data into an encrypted DRXML message and stores it in a DRXML data repository within your firewall. Internal users can access the data repository via web services client. A web services API within your firewall also makes the data available to the eReceipts POS service. With this option, your existing TransAccess EnterpriseConnect, SupplierConnect, and CustomerConnect applications from afterBOT have full access to information from the eReceipts repository for use in reporting and analysis.

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Case Study:


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